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Computer engineering, take a backseat – millinery is the occupation of the future.  Hats of all shapes and sizes capped the Spring 2009 runways and designers are not about to remove them.  wfirstc2Hatmakers, known as milleners in Britain or chapeliers in France, debuted their wear in the early 1700s, pinning themselves on the ornately decorated heads of the rich and famous.  Hailed as a symbol of status in the olden times, hats began to slowly lose headway during World War I.  Wartime needs called for a more utilitarian role as women filled governmental, engineering, and agricultural positions. akiko-ogawa1joanna-mastroianniTough occupations and the emergence of female participation in sports led headgear to become a necessity instead of an accessory. Fortunately for fashion, hats are making a comeback in a big way. Gone is the notion that the type of hat you wear is indicative of your profession. Brighter is better, flouncier is fancier, eccentric is exhilarating, and the Victorian Era should take note. Akiko Ogawa and Joanna Mastroianni’s collections each displayed an abundance of miniature cocktail hats cocked to one side.dior-paris philliplimWhile Ogawa’s tipped to the darker portion of the spectrum, Mastroianni’s lit up the runway with beautifully bold colors. galliano-paris dvfGalliano and Diane Von Furstenberg also adhered to the theory that brighter is better and crowned their models with yellows and pinks of the candy-coated persuasion. Topping off their garments with brims and black, Philip Lim and Dior lent a more western and equestrian feel to the looks.



Absolutely breathtakingly stunning, however, were the wonderfully avant-garde tulle embellished hats debuted by Chanel in Paris and Y-3.  Ready-to-wear? Probably not. Ready-to-swoon-over? Most definitely. gabydeslysab For centuries, hats have gone in and out of style, ranging from no-frills military caps to deliciously plumed Edwardian masterpieces.  I, for one, am ecstatic that we’re in a pro hat state of fashion right now and that a cloche is no longer a cliché.



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Jackie O., make way for Michelle Obama.  Not only is she breaking ground as our inaugural African-American First Lady, but she’s revolutionizing the political fashion arena one Maria Pinto dress at a time.  michelle-obama-vogue4[Trust me when I say I’d love to gush about my intense admiration of MO’s poise, intelligence, family values, and sense of responsibility to our country – however, since this is a fashion blog, I suppppose I’ll focus on the couture of this fabulous woman].  Laura Bush’s sweater sets and Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits will no longer be the go-to getup of the President’s right-hand woman.  And thank Putin that Sarah Palin’s perfectly tailored attire will be exiting my air space.  With local Chicago designer Maria Pinto in tow, Michelle maria-pinto-and-azzedine-alaia-belt2Obama is paving a very chic way for powerful women everywhere.  Effortless, breezy, and classically trendy, her wardrobe is reminiscent of the perfectly adorned Jackie Onassis and the graceful former French First Lady, Cécilia Sarkozy.   While Michelle certainly dons other designers’ wear, Pinto appears to have a stronghold on her wardrobe.  Adorned with an Azzedine Alaia belt, Pinto’s gorgeous purple sheath created a silhouettemario-pinto-blouse4 for us to swoon over as Barack officially became the democratic presidential nominee.  My absolute favorite Pinto ensemble, however, was the ruffled blouse paired with an ornate belt and sleek gray pencil skirt.  So, so classy. And so daring!  On the greener side of fashion, Mrs. Obama is not-so-secretly in love with floral print.  Donna Ricco, Moschino, and Thakoon Panichgul have all had the pleasure of contributing to her blossoming style during the election.  The votes are in – whether she’s wearing Maria Pinto, Jcrew, or footless tights, Michelle Obama is slated to revolutionize the way we look at the First Lady.  Let’s Barack ‘n Roll into the politically correct fashionable future!


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